Teacher Empowerment


How does it work?

Empower Your Teaching

Empower the teacher, empower the technology, empower the learning

Providing teachers with support and knowledge to implement technology based on the needs of the students and school are the forefront factors to initiate change and deep learning.

Each case was created with a focus in providing support and empowerment to the group of teachers. Each case study was developed with the individual teachers, students and teachers in mind. Support was structured to give teachers the best possible understanding of implementing technology. The needs of the teachers, students and classroom environment were carefully considered and evaluated. This gave teachers knowledge of how best to use the technology for the projects.

To maximise the potential of each case study, multiple areas of the curriculum were included. This demonstrated how one project can redefine classroom practices and make assessing and reporting easier.

At Empower learning, emphasis will never be on a device, platform or app. We no longer have a ‘one size fits’ all model of education, therefore technology is not one size fits all.

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Flipped classroom

Flipping a teacher, flipping a classroom

Learning Journals

The power of video and audio reflection

Student Websites

Building a website, building knowledge


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