About Empower Learning

Empower Learning aims to empower teachers with the knowledge and skills to understand how to implement digital technology into their classrooms. Through understanding the needs of the teacher, Empower Learning finds the right tools for the teacher to help enhance the learning experiences for the students.

Digital technology has the potential to redefine learners and create learning experiences that go beyond the norm. Teacher support and guidance is paramount for these transformations. Empower Learning provides the foundation for teachers to understand how their classroom, teaching style and environment will influence the implementation of digital technology for learning because it is the teacher that empowers learners, not the device.

Teachers need the support to understand technology in terms of their own support and context to which they are teaching. There isn’t a ‘magic bullet’ that guarantees successful learning with technology. With the right knowledge provided by Empower Learning, teachers will gain valuable knowledge into how technology can transform their classroom.

Empower Learning can support teachers and whole schools to confidently use technology within their lessons for meaningful and deep learning experiences.



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