Behind every device is a teacher,
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In today’s classroom we are faced with the challenge of creating an environment that fosters deep learning. An environment that is student centered and allows learning to be personalised to ensure every student succeeds.


The device alone will not create a successful integration of learning and digital technology. It is the teacher behind the device that empowers their students.


About Catherine (B.Ed, M.ed)

I bring a high level of experience, passion and knowledge to the digital education and technology space. Coming from a background of over 12 years as a teacher, I have spent the majority of the last few years pioneering the use of technology in the classroom to enhance the student learning experience. I have run multiple sessions that have targeted implementation of the new Victorian Digital Technologies Curriculum, coding, flipped classroom, digital learning journals, stop motion and green screen movies to showcase learning, and implementation of G.A.F.E. Educating all those involved doesn’t just stop with the students and teachers, I have shown commitment to the cause by facilitating workshops for parents to better understand and embrace technology in schools.

I completed my Masters of Education in 2016 specialising in digital technology. This tightened my knowledge of how technology has the potential to redefine education. It gave me a holistic approach – not to be governed by a product or a device but rather how pedagogical practices influence the potential of the technology in education.


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